Premiere: Ghosts In Pocket: Barberton EP

Southern California quintet, Ghosts in Pocket released their debut album Shadowbox back in 2013. Since that release they have been writing and recording their new EP, Barberton. Surviving the Golden Age is pleased to offer you an exclusive stream of the album.

Begin with the titular track, Ghosts in Pocket deliver a brand of indie rock that sounds like an episode of Maury where it will be revealed who the band’s real father is: The Killers, Interpol or Arcade Fire. With a penchant for synths and a dignified usage of horns, the music is dark but energetic with themes of isolation and desire for change. The EP ends with perhaps its best track “Keep the Heat Coming,” which is so catchy and infectious that it makes you want to listen to the whole album all over again. Get ready to endlessly loop this record.

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