Gin Wigmore “Beatnik Trip”

The first few seconds of “Beatnik Trip” took me back in time to 2004 when I was listening to Blink-182‘s “I Miss You” on repeat. This new alternative rock/pop single gives that recognizable snappy drum beat an interesting flare. Once the edgy gospel organ comes in you realize there is no resemblance to the pop punk band we all know and love. Gin Wigmore delivers a high raspy vocal that gives so much life to the track. It’s the perfect combination of sexy and sweet soul. Then a little surprise shows up in the chorus. I’ve never heard such sharp horn stabs in any rock/pop hits, but they felt absolutely necessary. They give a song with some darker lyrics a dance-esque vibe. Even the guitar added some bizarre bluesy slides in random spots. Every aspect of “Beatnik Trip” was arranged with precision and it shows. Give Gin Wigmore some love and check it out!

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