Grace Woodroofe: Always Want

Grace Woodroofe, Always WantGrace Woodroofe: Always Want
Discovered by Heath Ledger, and placed under the capable wing of Ben Harper, Grace Woodroofe has some expectation to fulfill on her first full length release, Always Want, and for the most part she delivers.
Ms. Woodroofe has a pretty face to match her pretty voice, and could be thought of as something of a modern Australian answer to Sibylle Baier’s Color Green. Her voice on tracks like, “I’ve Handled Myself Wrong,” “H.,” and, “You’ll Never Find Me,” is luxuriously feminine, but don’t make the mistake of thinking because her slower songs are honey sweet that this woman doesn’t have teeth. Just see the thinly veiled threat contained within “Nocturnal,” when she sings in a smoky whisper, “You better watch your back.”
The album is delightfully light and streamlined for effect, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Always Want is weightless. The opening tracks are soft and low then balloon out towards the middle of the album with a surprising duality of character before settling back into a dreamy lullaby tilt at its close.
The most intriguing part about the album is undeniably its maturity. This is after all, a debut, leading one to expect the growing pains often found when young people attempt to transition into the role of an artist. Rather, from beginning to end you will find a polished professionalism in delivery and articulation that speaks more of a veteran than an unknown. I look forward to seeing Ms. Woodroofe progress and can’t help but think great things are coming her way.
Rating: 8.0/10
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