Guy Sebastian: Like It Like That

Guy Sebastian: Like It Like That
Australian soul singer, Guy Sebastian has been releasing music for the better part of decade. Unfortunately, until recently his music was not available in the United States; his fifth studio album, Like It Like That is also his U.S. debut.
It is hard not to listen to the album and immediately draw some comparisons. The album’s opening track and lead single “Like It Like That” sounds like it came out of the same sessions that produced Janele Monae‘s The ArchAndroid. The track is a high energy slice of neo-soul but the track is almost too poppy.
Luckily the album finds a good balance of pop and soul. “All To Myself” allows Guy Sebastian to show off his Lou Rawls-esque range in a wonderful classic soul song. The track sounds like it could have easily been a forgotten soul hit from the 1960s.
The tracks I like least on the album are songs like “Undo.” Guy Sebastian is obviously a very talented vocalist but on “Undo” Sebastian utilizes auto-tune to give his voice a different texture. Auto-tune is generally reserved for rappers who want to add melody to their vocals but Sebastian has the talent to sing on key so the use of the effect seems superfluous.
Besides the unsanctioned use of auto-tune, Like It Like That is a more than apt US debut for a singer who has already made quite a name for himself in his native Australia. The album shows off Guy Sebastian’s excellent pipes as well as his versatility in song writing in different genres.
Rating: 7.0/10
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  • Zannah says:

    Yes, he certainly doesn’t need to use autotune to sing in tune and Sebastian has said that the use of autotune is just to give a ‘now’ sound to some of the production. Australia is a small market and it doesn’t hurt to capture the pop audience now and then with a current sound. Like It Like That and Art of Love were huge singles in Australia.

    If you enjoy classic Memphis soul, check out The Memphis Album – imho some of his best vocals are on that album, which he recorded with Steve Cropper, Duck Dunn and other great musicians from the era that first give us the fabulous songs.

  • Diane says:

    Well said Zannah – was going to add my comment but you have really said it all!

    The vocals on The Memphis Album are just mind blowing!

  • Margaret says:

    Thank you Zannah. Guy is an amazing young
    man as are his vocals..I hope one day you have the chance to see Guy live in concert.
    I hope you get to hear the Memphis Album
    as Di said mind blowing!!

  • Taylor Sheridan says:

    I agree with everyone his vocals are amazing – definitely going for a ‘now’ vibe. Awesome to see he is expanding into the US, this is a great album and I’m sure it will be well received, I think his balance between soul and pop is just right for a commercial album.

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