Premiere: The Harmonica Lewinskies: Dad Rock

New York City-based, Harmonica Lewinskies are preparing to release their new album Dad Rock on September 23rd. Surviving the Golden Age is pleased to be streaming the entire album a week early.

In Dad Rock, the octet have created a raucous album that mixes elements of punk, big band, americana, and blues. Beginning with a cavalcade of horns, “Put Your Mouth on Me” sets the tone for the album not only with its energy but with the sexual overtones befitting of a band called The Harmonica Lewinskies. The energy continues through the band’s cover of the Wilson Pickett classic “Land Of 1000 Dances” and the exotica inspired “Sari Girl.” The album culminates in “Jesus Christ is Just Rock And Roll” which sounds like a bar band at the end of a night of heavy drinking; essentially that is the experience Harmonica Lewinskies are selling, good times drinking, hitting on women, and singing with your buddies. Who doesn’t want to buy that?

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