Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobics VHS? “Sheep”

Finland natives, Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobics VHS? released a track called “Sheep” off of their upcoming album Jazzbelle 1984/1988. A peculiar track in many ways. This seven minute song has so much going on it makes you feel like you’re listening to at least two different songs morphed into one. The lyrics even address a topic the irrational uncommonly known phobia called Ovinaphobia. The first few minutes, a danceable upbeat groove and sharp reverberant organ patches drive you to move. The light and smokey lead vocal is like biting into sweet toasted marshmallow. She’s got the slightly golden crisp outside and irresistible oozing goo on the inside kind of sound. By mark 2:45, a complete rhythmic shift occurs when they break into a halftime feel filled with epic drum fills to lead into what feels to be a different song. An anthem then emerges accompanied by an accordion and a gritty guitar tone. You won’t be able to help yourself… you’ll have to sing along.

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