Jack U “Mind (Slander Remix)”

In a different light from their usual gritty and heavy style, Slander has come out with what I consider the best remix of “Mind” by Jack U so far. The intro reminds me of being at a rock concert with a sweet sounding electric guitar backed up by a tight drum kit as it leads into a majestic breakdown. The drop’s lead is melodic and has the sound of what’s probably best related to what you’d hear in video games.  I’d consider this remix somewhere in between future bass and their self named genre of “heaven trap.” Then it breaks down almost in the opposite form as the first half of the track. The soft strings come in right away and are followed by the rock style sounds as it sweeps you back to the second drop. I’d say with this remix more than anything, Slander has proven that they can go out, do whatever they please, and straight kill it along the way.

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