Premiere: James Raftery “Everything”

James Raftery spent the 90s starring in weird indie films like Nite Owl and recording under the monicker Rat Wakes Red with various supporting artists and producer/arranger Jeral Benjamin.

On March 24th, James Raftery will release his debut album, Everything. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the album’s titular lead single. Raftery explains the song “is about rebirth, redemption, leaving an old self behind, and having a brand new energy and connection.” That rebirth is made completely on computer and synthesizer. The track looping and bleeping synths are reminiscent of Animal Collective combined with Raftery’s voice which is akin to Elliott Smith or Sufjan Stevens. Everything will be a must for synthesizer enthusiasts.


  • Donna Cooperman says:

    James, I love it. You have an amazing voice and I am so glad for you. Thank you for sharing this with me. I will pass this along so others can enjoy it too.

  • Jacquerie Sun says:

    OMG I LOVE THIS !!…… James, you sound Amazing!!!

  • Hannah Fury says:

    LOVE!!!! Love love love. I love those chords in the very beginning — such a soft, anticipatory sound — it almost sounds like it’s coming from inside a soap bubble. Floating along at first and then bursting into the multi-faceted layering in the chorus.The production sounds fantastic, and I love the smooth vocal parts alternating with the more urgent ones. The the singing is so strong, pure and honest. And as always, your trademark “cryptic but accessible” lyrics are in full force here. You’ve expanded on your previous work. It’s beautiful and ethereal, but with a harsh edge. I just absolutely adore it, and I’m SO happy about this new album coming out!!!

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