Janice: Fallin Up

Hidden in the overcrowded world of synth pop stars climbing the charts is a unique artist hailing from Sweden. Janice is a talented game changer with enough moxie to break into the mainstream with her new album Fallin Up. Plucked from obscurity and oversaturation, this is an album that walks the thin line between artist and pop, drawing us in with catchy synths and beats, but also playing to a more lyrically analytical audience. Although this specific genre of music tends to be more sexed-up, mindless, and risque, Janice uses pop as a vehicle for selfless self-expression. The raw talent she possesses is unique yet still mainstream, which is always welcome in the music world.

Perhaps what is most unique about Janice is that her voice is genuine and earthy, coming from an ethereal place of passion. It’s quite clear that she means what she sings, that each song is a personal journey. Though the tracks can sometimes be overproduced with many layers playing many parts, Janice lights up the room with her honesty and storytelling. A prime example is the song “Enough”, which grips at the brokenhearted-turned-vengeful mindset of someone whose insecurities have been brought on by their partner. She is vulnerable yet still willing to expose herself to the rawness of finally stepping away from what is clearly a very personal relationship. It’s this very humility that makes Janice exciting and interesting.

However, there are points in Fallin Up where it doesn’t seem like Janice is giving all that she has. Her voice reaches an apex and then plateaus, hiding behind the music. There is untapped potential in this album for a vocal powerhouse, and it’s hard to tell if Janice just doesn’t have it in her or if she’s simply afraid to take it to the next level. In song a like “Changing”, there is ample opportunity to hit the highs and lows with an excessive force to blow the barn doors off. Yet somehow, she remains tepid and unsure. More confidence would only improve Janice as an already level-headed artist.

Janice is a raw talent that does not deserve to be caged up or hidden by pop music. Despite the fact that each track is quite personal, we’re definitely not seeing all the cards. Only having a reduced portion of this talented artist is really a shame, yet hope springs eternal. There are good things on the horizon for Janice as she continues to build herself as an artist. Fallin Up was just a small taste of what’s to come.

Rating: 7.0/10

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