JNatural: Love Is on Hiatus

JNatural: Love Is on Hiatus
From the early years of Queen Latifah and Salt-n-Pepa to the 90s with Lauryn Hill and Lil’ Kim, females have been an important part of hip hop. Modern hip hop radio is surprisingly devoid of a strong female presence. Nicki Minaj seems like the only female artist getting any play on the radio. JNatural recognizes this and attempts to change this with her new album, Love is on Hiatus.
JNatural was discovered by the legendary Aceyalone at a poetry slam. It is pretty evident to see what Aceyalone saw in JNatural; she has a Twista-esque flow where she can speed up to double time the beat. Other times she seems to work her rhymes around the beat much like Jay-Z or Big Boi.
With her ability obvious, the only thing that makes me apprehensive about JNatural is her voice. Her voice reminds me of Left Eye. And like Left Eye, I think JNatural might be better in an ensemble setting. Her voice gets a annoying after a while such that by the time the album’s sixth song “Keys to the City” comes along, guest appearances from Aceyalone and Abstract Rude are a welcome break.
Unfortunately, “Keys to the City” is the only track that features any guest appearances; the rest of the album is just JNatural. I am sure the logic is that she wants to show off her talents but 16 tracks of any one rapper is a little much to take.
Rating: 5.6/10
MP3: JNatural featuring Aceyalone and Abstract Rude “Keys to the City”
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