Joell Ortiz “Outta Control (Kendrick Lamar Response)”

Joell Ortiz, Kendrick LamarSlaughterhouse member, Joell Ortiz took offense to Kendrick Lamar calling himself “King of New York” in his verse of Big Sean‘s “Control.” So in retaliation Joell Ortiz released “Outta Control,” taking the “Control” beat and making a Kendrick Lamar diss rap out of it. Ortiz’ verse ranges from insulting to a bit corny. Lines like “you ain’t the king of New York/you the next thing on my fork” hardly strikes fear into anyone’s heart but stanzas like “you took a chance like Monopoly cards/but I’m telling you to check it, that properties ours/you can’t get a W on Broadway/I’m New York all day” show why Ortiz is one of Slaughterhouse’s most fearsome members.
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