Jon Lindsay: Escape From Plaza-Midwood

Jon Lindsay: Escape From Plaza-Midwood
Charlotte-based singer/songwriter, Jon Lindsay is different from former Republican member of the Texas Senate Jon Lindsay. For one, singer/songwriter Jon Lindsay is 29, while former Texas Senator is 74. Although it is arguable, I think singer/songerwriter Jon Lindsay is slightly more hip than the Texas Senator. After all, Jon Lindsay was formerly in The Young Sons. After the demise of the Young Sons, Jon Lindsay releases his debut solo album, Escape From Plaza-Midwood.
I, also, doubt the former senator has quite the knack for power pop that Jon Lindsay does. His tunes mix humorous tongue-in-cheek storytelling with finely craft pop hooks. His shimmery pop reminds me of Death Cab for Cutie mixed with Coconut Records but really it is the lyrics that make the record.
On “Frequent Flyer”, Lindsay sings about getting caught checking out a girl by his belle. He sings “she’s only tits on a stick/the fact that you inquire/is blowing my mind/you’re my copilot/she’s but a frequent flyer/on any airline/I am only guilty of a single glance/it’s ain’t my fault her ass is hanging out her pants/I am only but a man”. The mix of metaphor, chauvinism, and humor is beautiful stated while staying somewhat poetic.
On “Me and the Dog”, he contemplates who his dog’s former owner might be. He sings “did he kick her in the face when she shit on the floor?/did he pass out on the porch, keys stuck in the door?/did he love her just enough to let her know what love is not?/have i seen his clothes when I’m Goodwill?/was he all about the uppers or was it pain pills?/did he save up all his money till he could get a decent whore?/did he ever change man i bet he never found that cure?” Again the lyrics have poetic value, while still having a sense of humor.
Overall, I really enjoyed Escape From Plaza-Midwood. Despite the album’s length (15 songs), Lindsay manages to make a great number of quality songs. With so many tracks, there are sure to be some mediocre ones in the batch, but Escape From Plaza-Midwood features far fewer than I expected.
Rating: 7.6/10
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