Premiere: Jons: At Work On Several Things

Canadian band, Jons are preparing to release their new album, At Work On Several Things on November 4th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to host an exclusive stream of the album.

At Work on Several Things is the perfect title for the 13-song album. From opening track “Trip Ads,” you might think Jons are a mix of the off kilter indie of Built to Spill and the crooning of Jets to Brazil. As the album unfolds, the complex guitar riffs start sounding more like Television but drowned in reverb. The vocals become less prominent in the mix until you hit the 9+ minute instrumental “Everything Happens to You.” With free jazz saxophone over a repetitive guitar riff, the track sounds like it could be off of Destroyer‘s Kaputt.

On the second half of the album, the vocals largely return. The band explores a vintage pop feel a la Ariel Pink or Foxygen with hints of Real Estate mixed in.

With At Work On Several Things, the Canadian quartet have create more than a collection of songs; it is an album. Regardless of subgenre or the presences of vocals, Jons have a clear vision and its executed to near perfection.

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