Juno McCleery: Wonderful Life / Garden

Juno McCleery: Wonderful Life / Garden
Londo-based solo artist, Jono McCleery first appeared in 2008 with his debut album, Darkest Light. Critics immediately compared him to the likes of Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley. His new double A-side single ‘Wonderful Life’ & ‘Garden’ shows a slightly different side to McCleery.
“Wonderful Life” is a cover of the 1985 single by Black. The cover strips down the song until it is nearly barren with just a whisper of what appears to be a beat behind it. Juno McCleery’s voice sounds melancholy over the production, giving the same feeling that a Nick Drake might have but a completely different genre.
“Garden” is a little more traditional of McCleery’s sound. It features acoustic guitar and a some driving drums. The track has a quality that reminds me of Everything But the Girl‘s “Missing” which is funny because the single also includes a remix of “Garden.” The “Garden” remix is not quite as good as Todd Terry‘s remix of “Missing” but it is a little more engaging than the original.
Overall, I don’t think either track really makes a great single. “Garden” has the most potential but it is hard to call it a good single when I find the remix a better listen. Maybe the best option for McCleery would have been a double A-side single of “Garden” and its remix.
Rating: 4.7/10
MP3: Juno McCleery “Garden (Seiji Remix)”

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