Just Honest “heavy”

Russian born, Germany-based artist, Just Honest just released their new single, “heavy.” The track’s dancy exterior hides a more dire message. Written before the war in Ukraine, Just Honest sees many parallels between their words and the sentiments about the war. “When a year ago I wrote the line ‘just a like a tank that breaks the pavement – if I’m gonna go – keep to your bearings’ – I had no idea a year later both a literal war on my soulland and a personal war on my identity would break out,” said Just Honest. “I don’t care that I happened to be from Russia – it doesn’t define me. The same way I don’t care that I happened to be male – I don’t have to fit into some category. So if I must – you can call me Transukrainian. You can call me transfeminine. But I’m free.”

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