Premiere: Kristin Chambers “I Don’t Care At All”

Seattle singer/songwriter, Kristin Chambers is preparing to release her new album, Kissing Ghosts on October 18th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere her new single, “I Don’t Care At All.”

Over a gritty guitar riff and minimalist drums, Kristin Chambers’ voice lilts a breakup anthem that straddles the line between melancholic and vindication. “The images are directly from a break up I had back in New York,” says Chambers. “It’s about that feeling of a weight being lifted when you’re ready to move on from a situation. You just watch and feel it all slip away and you are free.” That freedom comes in the form of a effervescent chorus filled with vocal harmonies and grand piano. “I Don’t Care At All” might not be the snotty breakup anthem you asked for, but it might be the one you need.

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