La Famiglia “Having A Bad Time, Having A Ball”

For the last decade, Sydney-based Luke Seymoup has been releasing singles under the name Seymoup. “Having A Bad Time, Having A Ball” is his first track under the pseudonym La Famiglia. He explains “La Famiglia is a chance for me to unleash a lot of things I want to say that just don’t fit in the context of the Seymoup band…even if they’re grammatically incorrect. Punk is a genre with a lot of self-imposed rules, I’m taking this band as an opportunity to completely break free of that. If I want to load a hardcore song with Queen references and made-up words, I’m just going to do it.”

Beginning with chugging bass, the track explodes with fuzzed out guitars and Seymoup’s yelled lyrics. Reminiscent of bands like the Hives or SNFU, you can hear the influence of punk, hardcore, and garage band revival in the song’s chaotic energy.

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