La+ch “Lolita”

La+ch has never been easy to predict. Sure, his tracks are always going to have a steady dance beat and are going to live in a strange parallel universe where it’s still the 80’s and everyone at the club is in the bathroom – but as his output has proven so far, La+ch refuses to nail himself down much further.

“Lolita” is the next chapter of this artist’s strange introduction. After exploring his smoother side with the handclap-infused “Nights”, La+ch ditches the M83 aesthetic and embraces the darker sound that occupied its edges. What results is a breathy, driven and insanely catchy single. He opts for a harder-to-swallow vocal performance that wonderfully subverts expectations, giving him just the right edge to cut through the noise and make an impact with his debut EP, out November 10. La+ch’s tracks provide a sincere presentation of the underbelly of late nights that keeps him best at the middle of the rotation. It’s a shade of EDM too rarely explored.

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