La+ch “Nights”

As October slows the pace of the summer and brings the fall weather on the aroma of wood burning and wet leaves, my music tastes change to follow suit. On my walks between the train and work, I start craving soulful and reflective tracks that are easy on the ears. If scent is the strongest sense connected to memory, I’m sure music only amplifies reminiscence.

La+ch’s first post-hiatus track “Nights” definitely pairs well with the season, channeling the smooth and smart production of M83 but with vocal lines that fall more on the R&B side of the spectrum. It’d be rewarding to keep this one on repeat as the colors change and the temperatures cool.

La+ch and longtime collaborator Dustbuster have a new EP in the works, scheduled for release on November 4th, with new tracks debuting throughout October.

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