Premiere: Lawndry: Tumble Dry

Nashville band Lawndry is releasing a four-song collection Tumble Dry on October 15th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the EP.

A collective of two guitars, bass, drums, shakers, bongos and synthesizers, the band identifies as shoegaze but they bring a lot more to the table than one genre can contain. Opening track “Versailles” mixes the shoegaze sensibility of The Church with driving drums and a psychedelic guitar solo. “Lady of the Butterflies” shows off a more desert rock side mixed with a little hint of The Dandy Warhols. From there the EP gets heavier and fuzzier. “Brownstone” picks up the same energy as “Versailles” but it is heavier and more frenetic. The album’s closer, “Naomi” is still fuzzed out rock but a little slowed down and contained. The drawn out vocals are reminiscent of Definitely Maybe-era Oasis.

While the comparisons drawn may seem to be wide ranging, the EP is surprising cohesive, moving seamlessly from track to track. For such a relatively new band, Tumble Dry is an awfully solid piece of work.

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