Leo Zero: Disconnect

Leo Zero: Disconnect
I feel like lately I have been inundated with compilation series. The DJ-Kicks compilations are obviously part of a long running and well-respect series but new series like K7 Records new Tapes series keep popping up. The latest series is Disconnect from Strut Records. The series asks DJs to “explore the darker side of their collections for rarities, secret weapons and unheralded dancefloor winners”. The first volume of the series kicks off with the UK’s Leo Zero.
It did not take long into the compilation for me to figure out that I have no idea what Disconnect‘s mission statement means. Using the words “darker side” made me think I would be hearing darkwave bands like New Order and Black Tape for a Blue Girl or industrial fare like Ministry. Instead the compilation kicks off with Desmond & The Tutus, who I love but are not dark in any way, shape, or form. Instead the first couple of tracks on the compilation have a kind of upbeat African rhythm feel. That section of the record culminates with The Piranhas‘ “VI Gela Gela” before switching to a more traditional disco feel with Essential Logic‘s “Brute Fury”. But quickly the compilation transfers to a ska/reggae-influenced section which includes selections from Basement 5 and The Dread Flimstone Sound.
These esoteric music genres that are not generally included on DJ compilation are really cool to listen to. Furthermore, the fact that Leo Zero somehow transitions between songs and genres so flawlessly is impressive. The result is perhaps the most interesting and listenable one of these DJ comps I have heard in a long while. If this is the type of artistry this Strut series is going to be offering, look for it to be a critical favorite for years to come.
Rating: 9.1/10
MP3: The Piranhas “Vi Gela Gela”
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