Loose Logic: Logistics

Loose Logic: Logistics
Californian emcee, Loose Logic (nee Ian Westerbrook), won “Best Hip-Hop Artis” at the 2007 All Access Magazine Music Awards as well as “Best Urban Artist” at the 2007 Orange County Music Awards. On his first full length album, Logistic, Loose Logic attempts to build upon the success of his EPs and mixtape releases.
In a long line of white emcees, Loose Logic is a step ahead of the game: he doesn’t sound white. Whether talking about Eminem or Cage, there is a similarity in most white emcee’s voice. Loose Logic’s voice is not nearly as grating as the average white emcee nor does he seems as consistently perturbed as most white rappers generally act.  Instead his voice is a little more gruff and he mixes up his flow between rapid fire and more r&b sing-songy flows.
With a good voice and a proficient flow, Loose Logic has a lot going for him. The album’s opening track “Stage Dive” mixes rap and rock; it walks a thin line between Linkin Park and “Party Like a Rock Star”. Loose Logic’s rapid fire flow works around the beat rather than adhering strictly to it. It’s an impressive tour-de-force for the OC rapper.
Unfortunately, songs of “Stage Dive”‘s quality is rare on Logistics. The album’s biggest flaw seems to be that the songs are not well thought out conceptually. “Party In Space” is cringe-worthy; the track starts with Loose Logic singing “we’re at a party in space/it’s out of this world” with no irony at all. “Cold Blooded” tells the age-old story about a cold blooded girl. The track is drenched in cliches and there is something inherently goofy about the chorus “she has the body of an angel/the feeling is contagious/the eyes of a demon/got me dreamin cause I’m anxious”.
Usually with independent rap albums the production is what fails, but Loose Logic’s production is actually fairly good. Conceptually, the songs just do not match up with the production value or Logic’s rap ability. With all the personal accolades Loose Logic has amassed, I expected much more out of the album and it ended up being quite disappointing.
Rating: 3.4/10
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