Madonna “Dark Ballet”

I hope you are ready for your daily dose of WTF because the new Madonna song is bananas. Produced by Mirwais, “Dark Ballet” begins like a normal song –a boring song–but normal nonetheless. Then it happens. What no one is expecting. Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Reed Flutes” from The Nutcracker Suite with a computerized voice singing. Although if you are just listening to the track, the lyrics are hard to make out but the video helps illuminate the fact, that the person singing is from the point of view of Joan of Arc–yes, the 15th century Catholic saint. Following that interesting turn of events, Madonna does some spoken word over Tchaikovsky when she references Supreme, the clothing brand.

“Dark Ballet” might be the biggest mess of a song Madonna has ever released and yes, I am including “American Life” where she rapped “I’m drinkin’ a soy latte/I get a double shotie.”

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