Manican Party Brings Bittersweet Dance to Brooklyn

The crowd may have been dressed mostly in black, but the vibe was celebratory at the hipster-haven Baby’s All Right in Williamsburg. Friends, family and fans turned out to support Manican Party‘s release of  their new EP “The District” and experience the duo’s new songs live. The venue’s flashing lights behind the stage and cheeky 70’s decor complimented the upbeat energy of the crowd and provided the perfect backdrop for the performances. 

A few moments before the opening act, Too Many Zoo‘s took the stage, lead singer Jess Corazza and her backup singers moved to the front of a small crowd. Their eagerness to see the horn-focused act was contagious, and soon everyone moved forward. Too Many Zoo’s is a unique act. Part horn ensemble, part world music and part matching-band-gone wild, this trio was able to rock the crowd with their instruments alone. Their cover of Sean Paul‘s “Get Busy” turned the dancehall hit into a soulful tribal dance track. It’s no wonder they rose to internet fame after videos of busking at Union Square went viral. He saxophone player Leo was the stand out, rocking the crowd while wearing a snapback, gold chain and leather pants. They left the crowd sweaty, and ready for more.

Manican Party jumped out of the crowd and onto the stage to continue the upbeat vibe.  Pat Morrissey managed to rock the keyboards while dancing energetically, playing each song with recording-level clarity while flailing to the beat. Jess worked with the energy of her two back-up dancers to create a girl do-wop girl vibe with an electro-pop flair. There were coordinated outfits and dance moves, dark lips and messy hair – all an excellent visual compliment to their pitch-perfect harmonies. They played a mostly songs off their new EP, but also threw in the song older songs such as “In Her Eyes.” Juding by the reaction of the crowd, this continues to resonate with fans.

The highlight was the show was when the two acts took the stage together. Pat took to the mic to explain how the collaboration: “We saw these guys at Union Square… and that was that!” The horns added the essential ska-pop vibe to “Fool’s Gold”, and the musicians all crowding onto the small stage gave the audience the feeling of a family reunion. 

Experiencing the positive energy – both on and off the stage – was a treat for anyone in attendance. Manican Party continues to consistently deliver dancy-pop with a soulful edge. Their new EP is available for purchase on iTunes

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