Marc 7: When Sounds Attack (Vol 1)

“I’m giving you a piece of my poetry” Marc 7 unironically raps on “The Show” just a few lines after rapping “half you rappers soft like placenta/your favorite color is prolly magenta.” This kind of antiquated lyricism in hip hop is probably to be expected from a member of Jurassic 5 who once rapped famously “Stay Golden.” On his second solo outing, When Sounds Attack (Vol 1), Marc 7 keeps it golden but not always to great effect.

Where When Sounds Attack (Vol 1) succeeds is in the beats department. While “The Show” doesn’t deliver lyrically, the Hirolla Beats production is top notch classic boom bap. Similar can be said for the Frenic produced, “Buckshot.” The track’s piano beat and old skool scratching chorus is perfect and Marc 7 delivers puzzling lines like “truth be told, y’all nothing but some turnips/and I don’t mean that in a good way.” Usually when you refer to someone as a root vegetable, its a compliment but not this time; its an insult all the way.

Throughout the album’s nine tracks (eight really since one of them is a remix of the album single “Sasquatch”) there are some songs that are less painful lyrically but none that stand out as good. The album proves that Marc 7 still has an exquisite ear for beats and a recognizable voice but lyrically, there’s not much there.

Rating: 4.7/10

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