Melanie Martinez @ Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL

Towards the end of June, Melanie Martinez put on a show at Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL for The Trilogy Tour. With the rise of her recent album Portals, in which she toured this past year, many fans were left wanting to hear her previous hit songs from other albums. As an artist with corresponding storylines to each of her albums, Melanie set the scene on June 18th to showcase all of her works and aesthetics with flawless transitions.

Opening the show, Melanie begun her set with Cry Baby, an album she released in 2015 which quickly became a fan favorite. This set consisted songs such as, “Pity Party,” “Playdate,” and “Soap.” As the show progressed, each song encapsulated a certain aesthetic on the stage, with a variety of visuals. An example of this is “Soap”, where the arena filled up with bubbles all around to fit the lyrics of the song. Towards the end of the Cry Baby era, a flawless transition is seen where the visuals show the stage going underwater, and a school-bus appears, representing the K-12 era.


During this next era, Melanie performs hits such as “Teacher’s Pet” and “Class Fight,” as the crowd goes wild for a new set to be introduced. K-12 was written in 2019, focusing on a school-ish aesthetic where all the title tracks are based around items at school, even with a K-12 documentary to go along with it. Melanie gets shot in the heart by cupid after “High School Sweethearts”, transitioning into her next work, Portals.

Portals was the last set Melanie sang at her show, in which she sang most of the songs from. Portals, her most recent album, was released just last year in 2023. She had an amazing transition with her dancers, who put in so much work for this flawless show to go accordingly. Her dancers truly completed the whole show, some even dancing as spiders for her song “Spider Web.” Melanie’s dancers went all out for their show, and the dancers had amazing facial expressions that went along with the visual or set they were on. After the end of the show, Melanie comes back out and advocates, having everyone scream “Free Palestine,” in hopes of a better situation.

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