Premiere: Midnite on Pearl Beach: Lamplighter

midnite-on-pearl-beach-lamplighterChicago-by-way-of-Louisiana singer, songwriter, and guitarist Midnite On Pearl Beach is preparing to release his new album, Lamplighter on January 14th. Surviving the Golden Age brings the album to you a full week early.

Musically Midnite on Pearl Beach takes a lot of cues from classic rock. Album opener, “Deep in Your Bones” has a Doors-esque sound with its snaky guitars while later in the album, tracks like “Common and Line” show off a more Led Zeppelin blues rock influence. What ties the album together is Justin Jahnke’s unique vocals. Sounding somewhere between Thom Yorke and Robert Plant, they can be a little off putting at first but work well in the context of the music.

Enjoy the entirety of Lamplighter below.

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