Migos “Bad and Boujee (Oren Yoel Remix)”

If you live on planet Earth, you’ve probably stumbled upon a fine little ditty called “Bad and Boujee” by modern rap heroes Migos. As expected with any bonafide smash, the inevitable stream of mediocre remixes soon washes away the precious memories of the original, and that’s that and you’re onto the next stimuli. Attention spans are shorter than ever, and most content appears to be designed with disappearing ink. Thank goodness producer Oren Yoel (Miley Cyrus, Asher Roth) understands that a good remix should be able to stand on it’s own. He strips away the mesmerizing, syrupy-smooth production of the original and replaces it with a plucky bass line that sounds like it was jacked from The Police. The atmospheric guitars add a hazy layer of smoked out fun, and the boys intricate deliveries feel right at home in this almost psychedelic soundscape.

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