MØ “Pilgrim (WDL’s ‘Legotrap’ Remix)”

‘s debut, No Mythologies to Follow, is an excellent dark comedy of brooding electro-pop. She is more cutting, and at times more honest, than sonic cousin Lana Del Ray and her production choices play a key role in establishing and separating her aesthetic. One of the standout tracks from No Mythologies to Follow is the simple and pained “Pilgrim,” whose clipped horns against a chorus of “All the time I just want to / Fuck it up and say I’ll get a hold of it” hit all the right nerve centers.

Swedish producer WDL‘s trap remixing is outstanding. His use of MØ’s voice as an instrument throughout the track nods to Phantogram‘s “Fall In Love,” but his handling and warping of the original track’s atmosphere is wholly singular. WDL has brought “Pilgrim” to a whole ‘nother level, adding even more momentum to an already driven track. MØ’s vocals sound amazing over WDL’s beat, which flirts dangerously close to toppling your speakers over. This is an essential download.

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