Modeselektor: Monkeytown

modeselektor, monkeytownModeselektor: Monkeytown
Germany has a long legacy of electronic groups. From the beginnings of the genre with Kraftwerk up to the 90s with Atari Teenage Riot, Germany always is on the cutting edge. Modeselektor has been on this cutting edge since their inception in the late 90s. From their early years as an acid house group to their new IDM record, Monkeytown, the group is a study in the evolution of electronic music over the last decade plus.
Monkeytown seems like a little tour of the different genres of electronic music, never staying in one place for too long. “Shipwreck” shows off the group’s drum and bass production abilities. Thom Yorke provides the high pitched vocals that do not serve as a focal point for the song but rather act as another instrument in the mix.
On the other hand, Miss Platinum provides vocals on “Berlin” that are the showcase of the song. The track is an R&B-tinged dance track that seems worlds away from “Shipwreck.”
The worlds away continue with “Humanized” which features Anti Pop Consortium. The track is a dubstep infused hip hop track and seems to be the most mainstream leaning track on the album.
Despite a lack of poppy, single-worthy songs, Monkeytown manages to showcase Modeselektor’s undeniable ability to produce a wide-variety of tracks. While it does not seem like a cohesive album, it sizes up as a formidable collection of song.
Rating: 7.6/10
MP3: Modeselektor featuring Miss Platinum “Berlin”
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