Monument “3 Musketeers”

951_originalWashington, DC quartet Monument have been heralded as the leaders of emo’s return to form since 2009’s 3 Song 7”. Their roots in Cap’n Jazz and Braid, coupled with a sharp sense of indie boldness, have made them a breath of fresh air in a sea of insincerity and cashing-in.

Monument’s next and (unfortunately) final release, Bros Canoeing, is out July 22nd on Tiny Engines (edit: the album will be self-released). The preview track “3 Musketeers” serves as an appropriate anthem for their departure. Exclamations of “I’ll be around with my shoes on and my socks off / I’ll be around for enough time, for enough time” and “Can’t see a way, can’t take this away” frame the track well, providing enough gravitas for the moment without weighing the listener down in self-important reminiscence. Swan song though it may be, Bros Canoeing promises to continue blueprinting the genre.


  • Dan says:

    Thanks for the write up! Just for clarification though, Tiny Engines won’t be doing a physical release of this record. We’re only doing a digital release through Bandcamp

  • Dan Derks says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Dan! Very excited for it.

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