Music in Advertising: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Phenomena”

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have teamed up with Cadillac to endorse the 2013 ATS using the single “Phenomenon,” from their 2006 album, Show Your Bones. As a group, the YYY’s have long been touted for their uncompromising belief in pushing the emotional and musical envelope in the modern rock market. Despite their Interscope affiliation, they are still considered by many to be an indie group. Style and substance would support this, however major label support, headlining festival slots, and now the Cadillac bump relegate this genre association to style alone. The better looking, younger hipsters in your hood might roll their eyes at you the next time you bring up your sexual attraction to Karen O over this one, but I think we can all agree the recent success of Mosquito means you can still retain some cred when blasting it out the windows of your recent $30,000+ purchase cruising through the burbs.
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