Music in Marketing: Celldweller “ShutEmDown”

Part of being in marketing and advertising is attempting to have a pulse on the nation. Very rarely are advertisers ahead of the curve when it comes to music. If you look at dubstep, it has been blowing up for almost two full years now but only recently has it permeated television advertising. Late last year, dubstep became the official soundtrack for Southern Comfort. Now it is finding its way into other places, like the new Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance trailer. The trailer utilizes “ShutEmDown” from Detroit producer, Celldweller. The track’s aggressive sound makes it perfect for a comic book, action movie like Ghost Rider. Although the track is not opening the floodgates for dubstep as that glass ceiling has already been broken, I am sure it is kicking off a year where dubstep will be fairly pervasive on television advertising.
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