Nedry: Condors

Nedry: Condors
London-based trio, Nedryis finally coming to the states. Their debut album, Condors finally gets a US release via Monotreme Records.
On their debut album, Nedry combines the lushness of downtempo with the harder beats of dub-step with elements of post-rock, glitch pop, and shoegaze. The album’s first single, “A42” is fairly representative of the band’s sound. The track starts with syncopated tones similar to what you would hear in glitch pop. The tones are joined by a distorted 16-bit sounding drum beat before the vocals finally kick in. The vocals are dramatic and wispy yet strong. With the vocals, the track sounds like something off of Björk‘s Post.
While the vocals definitely add something to the music, I tend to enjoy the band’s instrumental tracks a little bit more. “Scattered” is the best instrumental on the album; it is also the album’s most aggressive track. The track is definitely grounded in glitch pop but mixes in elements of industrial and rock. It reminds me a little of Ministry.
Overall, the album has some strong moments but it never quite comes together for me. The downtempo aspect I find appealing but I can not get into Okakita’s vocals which makes the album hard to enjoy. While no doubt fans of modernist music will enjoy the album, it is still lacking something for me.
Rating: 4.0/10
MP3: Nedry “A42”
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