New: Apparat “Black Water”

Berlin-based electronic artist, Apparat is preparing to release his new album, The Devil’s Walk, in August. The album’s latest single is “Black Water.” The track reminds me of Moby‘s “We Are All Made of Stars”. Check it out.
MP3: Apparat “Black Water”


  • Dave says:

    love this track. here’s an unofficial video i made for the song :)

  • Geolette says:

    It’s certainly a break away from the usual noisy and loud music of some bands these days. Its subdued tempo and melody seems to just rock you through your thoughts – whatever it is. It’s a little anti-climactic in a way because I was hoping for a different, more intense part towards the end but it did not happen. Nonetheless, it’s really cool.

    Geolette of

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