New: Benjamin Francis Leftwich covers Arcade Fire’s “Rebellion”

21-year-old UK-based singer-songwriter, Benjamin Francis Leftwich just sent me his cover of Arcade Fire‘s “Rebellion”. It’s a bit odd because his press release stresses things like his personal acoustic-based songwriting, then the mp3 offered is a cover. The cover is a pretty plodding rendition of the Arcade Fire’s 2005 single. It is pretty good and if it was an original, I would probably call it personal. Enjoy!
MP3: Benjamin Francis Leftwich “Rebellion”

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  • BlackPrince says:

    I like Benjamin, but “plodding” is right for this cover. I’m all for different interpretations but this TOTALLY distorts the spirit of the song.
    The original song is full of vibrancy and fun and exuberance: this is just lifeless. It sounds nice tho.

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