New: Dawaun Parker “Lost”

Two days ago I got an email from someone named Dawaun Parker. I had never heard of Dawaun Parker but the email’s subject said “new Dr. Dre produced track” so I decided to check it out. The email did not actually contain a track, instead it said basically “I am going to send you a track”. I thought “well thanks for telling me” and I deleted it. Yesterday, I got another email from Dawaun, this one saying basically the same thing: “I am going to send you this track soon”. This one just kind of pissed me off. Today I got another email and this time it actually contained the track. I was kind of excited which means his methods actually worked. I figured that because I had to wait for the track that it would be a let down but I was pleasantly surprised. The track is actually quite good with some classic Dr. Dre production. The chorus is a little softer for a Dr. Dre sanctioned track but its pretty good. Check it out.
MP3: Dawaun Parker “Lost”