New: DJ D.veloped “Stereo Drugs”

I always appreciate new tracks from D.veloped and it is no different with his new track “Stereo Drugs.” The track shows off D.veloped’s editing skill with him cutting up acapellas from Dr. Dre and Eminem. Check it out.
MP3: DJ D.veloped “Stereo Drugs”


  • Bobby says:


    what’s the name of he song behind the acapellas?

    Excellent blog btw!

    Thank you

  • Jesse Daniels says:

    I am pretty sure the song behind it is a Jewel song – am I right??

  • matthew mcguinness says:

    the backing track is stereo love – edward maya (hence stereo drugs) the acapellas are forgot about dre – dr dre ft eminem

  • kp says:

    Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina – Stereo Love

  • Your mom! says:


  • dicks like knives says:

    @jesse daniels. not even close with a jewel song. does anyone still listen to jewel?

    @bobby. matthew mcguiness is correct about the title. it was one of the largest euro hits last year. the states barely got a taste of it.

  • Mackswell Silverhammer says:

    Wow… sweet combo. Totally wouldn’t think of putting these together and I love both of these tracks!

  • Bobby Bonaparte says:


  • haizee says:

    just when we almost forgot about Dre. This is HOT!!!

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