New: Gentlemen Thieves remixes Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic”

Gentlemen Thieves have done remixes of Michael Jackson and Rihanna but the NYC producer is finally taking on some NYC rappers. Gentlemen Thieves takes Beastie Boys back to the 80s with his retro dance remix of “Intergalactic”. Check it out.
MP3: Beastie Boys “Intergalactic (Gentlemen Thieves Remix)”


  • fuck you says:

    intergalactic was not released in the 80’s the album it is on, hello nasty, was released in 1998. you were close though jack ass

  • Adam Morgan says:

    I think you misread what I wrote. I wrote he took them back to the 1980s, ie they were around in the 80s and he took their more modern song back to the 80s. I bought Hello Nasty when it came out, I am aware I did not buy it when I was under 6 years old.

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