New: Justin Sane remixes Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You”

Over the weekend, I realized that Cee Lo Green‘s “Fuck You” is becoming huge. I heard the song on Sirius’ Hip Hop Nation, which is a little weird because the track is a neo-soul r&b dance track that is anything but hip hop. It would be like Hip Hop Nation playing Outkast‘ “Hey Ya”. But then, I also heard the track on a local alternative rock station that specializes in 90s alternative rock. “Fuck You” was sandwiched between Alice in Chains and 311. Not exactly where it belongs but it just shows the widespread love that Cee Lo is getting. Just to solidify the love, Justin Sane‘s remix of the track is at least the second remix I have posted of “Fuck You” but it is far from only the second I have received. The remix gives the track a great house spin. Check it out!
MP3: Cee Lo Green “Fuck You (Justin Sane Remix)”

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