New: Mochi Beats “Raging Levels (Avicii // Kanye // Britney // Others)”

California mash-up artist, Mochi Beats just sent me his latest creation. The track is like an entire Girl Talk album in three minutes. It contains 14 samples. I have a list of all the samples but I think it would be more amusing to hear people guess. Can you name all 14 samples? Check it out and guess away in the comments.
MP3: Mochi Beats “Raging Levels (Avicii // Kanye // Britney // Others)”


  • nimrod says:

    It’s off key! can’t listen to it

  • Agreewithnimrod says:

    Using 14 samples isn’t impressive if they’re very clearly off-key with each other. Listen to a milkman album sometime if pure sampling numbers interest you.

  • greegrok says:

    Horrible, doesn’t even come close to girltalk’s mixing skills. 14 samples over one track is elementary.

  • Mary says:

    Wrong, the samples are in key. Do you play or write music? What key is the instrumental in? Which keys are the sample that’s “off” in? Yeah, that’s what I though.

  • Mary says:

    That was directed to Nimrod.

  • Toby says:

    There’s probably a reason girl talk only uses rap lyrics instead of autotuned pop music.

    it sounds crappy, as evidenced in this song.

    i like mochi beats and girl talk a lot, but this is bad

  • Steven says:

    OH MY GOD it’s sooo off key my ears are bleeding. I was a music theory comp major in college and this is like listening to someone play an out of tune violin with a rabid pissed off cat!

  • Dave says:

    its not even that bad
    u guys are going way too harsh
    i don’t know what you guys are even talking about “its off key” theres like only about 5 seconds of dissonance in the whole song and its slight.
    nothing to make your ears bleed

  • BB says:

    Sick! I could probably do without the Katy Perry part but otherwise it’s sick. And it’s definitely in key.

  • Joel says:

    Ableton live has created an army of mash-up monsters. Did Aviici deserve this (LOL). The fact that this is at the top of the hype machine charts scares me in to thinking that people have lost touch with what music creation is and have decided to settle for exploitation and tomfoolery. Going to have to start utilizing the “no remixes” tab option. Acceptable if mixed live I suppose.

  • jp says:

    if u know the individual songs, you’d recognize the off-keyness. u cant just mash songs like that ugh.

  • jp says:

    1:25 and onwards is bleh

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