New: Mouth’s Cradle pays tribute to LFO with a cover of “Summer Girls”

LFO member Rich Cronin passed away last week at 35 after a battle with leukemia. While the group obviously has not been relevant since their 1999 hit “Summer Girls”, it has sparked some nostalgia for many people my age. Apparently among those caught in the nostalgia is Mouth’s Cradle. The duo decide to pay tribute to Cronin with an interesting cover of “Summer Girls” which they call “Chinese Food”. Mouth’s Cradle says of the cover “Life is too short, isn’t it? Human beings have always been trying to find a way to live forever, and recently we’ve learned that writing a catchy hook can be a surefire path to immortality. After spending the last few weeks poring our creative energies into an updated version of “Summer Girls” by LFO, which we’ve titled “Chinese Food”, we at Mouth’s Cradle are especially sorry to hear of the passing of LFO member Rich Cronin. We hope that our interpretation of the track stands as a tribute to him and to the undying nature of Pop”. Check it out.
MP3: Mouth’s Cradle “Chinese Food (LFO Tribute)”

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