New: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour “Major”

asteroids glaxy tour, majorThe Asteroids Galaxy Tour has basically made their name off of “Golden Age” which was featured in the oft played Heineken commercial. But after hearing the opening horn line of “Major,” you’ll forget all about “Golden Age.” “Major” has the swagger of a track begging to be flipped into a Just Blaze beat. Check it out.
MP3: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour “Major”


  • john says:

    The intro/refrain sounds a lot like Jay-Z’s Roc Boys, which was actually produced by Diddy (I just looked that up, had no idea!).

  • Goodfellow says:

    dont usely agree with all the hype but I like this

  • kev says:

    Pretty sure they first became well-known from “Around the Bend” in iPod commercials. That album is a lot older than the heineken commercial

  • ryan madden says:

    ive never been more excited….well not since safety dance live (MY god)

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