New: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour “The Golden Age (Elecoustic Mix)”

Denmark import du jour, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour have been getting a lot of bang for their buck out of their single, “The Golden Age.” The single was first released in 2009 but did not gain international notoriety until Heineken used it in a commercial this year. The track was re-released in a single pack including several remixes earlier this year. Now the band just recorded a special elecoustic version of the song. Check it out.
MP3: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour “The Golden Age (Elecoustic Mix)”


  • FUCK THIS SONG says:

    this is the most annoying song ever. heinekin tastes like shit, too.

  • dasMetzger says:

    agree with part 2 of ‘fuck this songs’ comment.

  • DJAD says:

    Try you have the most annoying comment ever. Please stfu and grow a pair. The track sounds amazing after putting a few back.

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