New: The Soundmen remix The Drums’ “Down By The Water”

As far as production duos go, there are not that many that are better than The Soundmen. Immediately after saying that a million production duos have come into my mind, but I’m sticking with my guns. The remix EP they did for Glasvegas was one of the bumpingest things I heard last year. Their latest undertaking is a remix of The Drums‘ “Down By the Water”. The Soundmen do it big and turn it into a DJ Toomp-style production. Check it out!
MP3: The Drums “Down By the Water (The Soundmen Remix)”


  • J.Renee says:

    This is DOPE! I think what makes the Soundmen so unique is the fact that you can find them on indie records, west coast rap records, pop records, boom bap records and soul records. They’re constantly stretching their sound – I’m proud of ya’ll.

  • AipaBoy50 says:


  • AipaBoy50 says:

    The best. I wish someone would pick these guys up and give them the boost to the next level.

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