New: The White Panda “One Lollipop (Swedish House Mafia // Lil’ Wayne)”

You know I love getting mail from The White Panda. They just sent me their latest remix, “One Lollipop”. The track is perfect because it turns Lil Wayne‘s “Lollipop” into a summer dance jaunt. Check it out!
MP3: The White Panda “One Lollipop (Swedish House Mafia // Lil’ Wayne)”


  • Hans says:

    are you serious? this is such a bad mashup. I will give The White Panda some credit, they can do the nice basic mash-ups that makes all the pre-teens go wee for a new mix. But leave SHM’s song alone…it doesn’t work at all. They’ve already got Pharell on the song…leave it alone. I WANNA KNOW YOUR NAME NAME NAME NAME

  • white panda sucks says:

    just backing my thoughts on why i hate the white panda, and people actually think these guys are artists? never liked white panda, never will.

  • kyle says:

    Wow that was lame…

  • anon says:

    lol my friend helped em set up a show once to dj… apparently they had no idea how to use a basic mixer (as in turning up the volume or even turning it on) and they dj by just pressing play on their laptop…. good stuff

  • Panda faggot says:

    The White Pandas suck Panda Ballz.

  • Craig says:

    Oh my god this is absolutely terrible, how could this ever reach #1 on hype machine?!?!?! How could they ever make this song and go “yeah yeah this sounds great!”?

  • Doesn't matter says:


  • pandasikk says:

    i think its sick…im not a preteen. smd pussy ass bitches, go dj yourself if youre so good. h8ers

  • Sum dude says:

    the white panda make so many technical flaws it drives me batty.

    and i do plenty of remixes myself:
    here is a SMH remix

    and here is another one that is popular

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