Nick Hook featuring 21 Savage and Bulletproof Dolphin “Head (DJ Earl Remix)”

About 20 years ago back when I was in college, my buddy from Memphis kept playing me Three 6 Mafia. I was DEEP into lyrical, boom-bap hiphop at the time so Three 6 Mafia literally made no sense to me. He played me a song called “Slob On My Knob” and declared that this sound was the future of hip hop. I told him he was so far out of his mind that I couldn’t even begin to¬†debate him. Well, now it’s 2017, Three 6 Mafia has Grammys Awards AND Oscar Awards in their trophy case and it’s cooler than ever to make¬†songs that sound like “Slob On My Knob.” Take this new remix by DJ Earl, who turned Nick Hook, 21 Savage, and Bulletproof Dolphin‘s ode to fellatio into a bouncy, “head” bobbing, enjoyably explicit winner that sounds part Too Short and part Juicy J circa 1996. It’s never a bad thing to look backwards in order to move things forward.