Nitzer Ebb: Industrial Complex

Nitzer Ebb: Industrial Complex
In Nitzer Ebb‘s nearly 30 year career, the band has produced hits both in the USA as well as their native UK. One of the early adopters of EBM in the 1980s, the band really hit its stride in the late 80s and early 90s. The group produced two top ten US Dance singles: 1987’s “Join In The Chant” and 1990’s “Fun To Be Had.” The group had singles charting in the UK until their split in 1995. The group stayed split until 2006 when the group released both a greatest hits album and a remix album. Industrial Complex is the group’s first brand new full length record since reuniting.
After the hiatus of Nitzer Ebb, songwriter Bon Harris worked with artists such as Marylin Manson, Smashing Pumpkins, and Bush. Listening to Industrial Complex, it is hard to tell who influenced who. If this was a brand new band, those three artists would easily be listed as Nitzer Ebb’s major influences.
The album’s best song has to be “Once You Say.” The track has an energetic dance feel while still keeping the darkness expected from industrial music. The vocals on the track remind me of Ed Kowalczyk from 90s alt-rock band Live but the real story of the song is the dirty synths and driving distorted drums.
Unfortunately, “Once You Say” is really the most energetic song on the album. Most of the other tracks are satisfied with being mid-tempo; although the dirty synths and distorted drums are pervasive throughout the album. The biggest weakness in the album is the sound is very retro.; a plethora of 90s bands came to mind when trying to draw parallels to Nitzer Ebb’s sound. The band may have been defunct since 1995 but music has evolved a lot since then. They might have to get more with the times in order to make a serious impact today.
Rating: 6.7/10
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