Oshi & D∆WN “Lemonade Lakes”

I’m not even sure where to begin with this one. Oshi has been on a meteoric rise recently and this latest work shows no signs of stopping. Oshi and D∆WN are the latest to take part in the #Songsfromscratch series hosted by Adidas. As the two met without any plans beforehand, what they came up with is simply remarkable. Coming up with a soft and groovy track, D∆WN’s voice is great over the bass line and drum patterns. This again shows that age is truly but a number when it comes to Oshi. He’s making music he wants and that’s why I love his work thus far. As for the title, “Lemonade Lakes,” I’m not sure why it’s that but it definitely makes me think. Maybe because Lemonade is best made from scratch?

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