Peelander-Z “Ride On The Shooting Star”

Peelander-Z, Ride On The Shooting StarBrooklyn-by-way-of-Japan “action comic punk band,” Peelander-Z are preparing to release their new album, Metalander-Z on September 10th. As the title suggests, the album is Peelander-Z’s weird and wacky take on metal–specifically hair metal. The album’s lead single is “Ride On The Shooting Star,” a track that sounds straight out of the Styx catalogue. While the instrumentation from the cheesy synths to the palm-muted guitars are perfect, the vocals are what really fail the band. While most hair metal needs that awesome falsetto to bring it together, Peelander can not change their sloppy punk-esque vocals which makes it feel more like a band aping hair metal than an actual hair metal band.
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